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Customize Page Settings from the App Dashboard

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November 5, 2016
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November 5, 2016
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Customize Page Settings from the App Dashboard

In order to customize your app settings you need to click on the section page in Application Dashboard called “Page Settings”:


Every option of “Page Settings” section page will be described bellow.

For being more user friendly, we split Page Settings section page in 2 main categories:

  • Global Application Settings (changes will affect entire application)
  • Page Settings by Category (changes will affect only checked pages)


Global Application Settings:


  1. Ad Banners – This function will allow users to choose an Ad in his application, choose Ad System and Ad position.

* AdMob – provided by Google Ad System

* iAd – provided by Apple Ad System (not functional)

* SC Ad – well known as “House Ad’s system”. Here, users can choose his own banners.

* None – without Ad

  1. Navigation Bar Style – In this submenu you can put your desired color for navigation bar. You can choose from 3 options:

* Default – Apple default color

* Black opaque

* Custom – you can choose your own color


  1. Navigation Bar Logo – user can choose from Resource Manager his Navigation Bar Logo.

Page Setting by Category:


  1. Navigation Bar – user will have option to change the Title and Logo Image of navigation bar for every page of chosen application.

    Also you can find a field called Visible there you can check or uncheck (on/off) navigation bar visibility.

    **NOTE: Visible field will appear only for TAB’s and only for non native pages.


    **Note: You must choose only one of this (Title or Logo image) for a page.

  1. Ad Banners – user have the possibility to choose Ad System and Ad position for every page.
  1. Transitions – now every page can have it’s own transition style. Seattle Clouds provide 3 different transition types (Slide, Curl, Flip) for every page or select “none” if no transitions is wanted.
  1. Ratings (share on Facebook) – user can check or uncheck what pages he wants to be sharable on Facebook social network.
  1. Dynamic Data – it’s a option for every page to have a dynamic HTML page. If the box is checked it must contain a JSON URL.
  2. Sharing by email – user can check or uncheck what pages he wants to be sharable by email.
  3. Hide Tab bar – with this function now, the users can check or uncheck in what pages they want to hide the Tab bar.

    **Note:  With Exception for TAB pages.