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How to setup Google Analytics

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November 4, 2016
How To Publish your App on Google Play
November 4, 2016
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How to setup Google Analytics

Google Analytics supplies a great snapshot of coming people who use your application. It creates an idea whether you have reached the target market. Moreover, it is good at telling how exactly people are using your product, how often, and what interests them the most.
Step 1:  Sign up or create an account 
Visit Google Analytics website to sign up or create an account.
Step 2: Set up account properties (were you sent data and set up reporting views)
2.1 Choose the platform you want to track
2.2Set your account name
2.3 Set up the App name
2.4 Choose a category suitable with your app/website you want to track
2.5 Pick Reporting Time Zone to receive tracking information
2.6 Click to Get Tracking ID

Step 3: Google Analytics Terms of Service Agreement 

To use Google Analytics you must first accept the terms of service agreement for your country/ region of residence.


Step 4 : Tracking ID

Once you accepted the Service Agreement you will be redirected to the page where you get your Tracking ID for the application. The Tracking ID is not unique so you may use it for different applications.

The ID has the format UA-xxxxxxxx-y.

Step 5 : Set up the Tracking ID
Copy Tracking ID for your application from Google Analytics and paste it in Application Dashboard > App Settings – > Google Analytics, then click Done.
Step 6 : Publish and Track the application

Before you begin to track your application you have to publish it on Google Play Store or Apple Store. Once you published it, access Google Analytics website on the Home page of your account to see tracked information about your app.