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Loyalty PageType Tutorial

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November 1, 2016
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November 1, 2016
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Loyalty PageType Tutorial

Loyalty Page represents a feature that allows you to reward customers for making purchases from the same vendor or company. Loyalty programs may offer prizes, reward points, future discounts and other incentives designed to keep customers. Set up one or many items eligible for loyalty program page. You set the rules to products that you make eligible, in terms of how many stamps the customer must reach before being rewarded.

Add a Loyalty page type from the Application Dashboard using “+” Add Button. Set the page identifier and begin editing the page.

Edit Loyalty Page

Below you can find the explanation of each item available in the edit mode for Loyalty page type.



Target Email

Set a valid e-mail address to receive information who used your loyalty page


Loyalty Name

Set the Loyalty Program Name


Coupon image

Upload the coupon image from Resource Manager or Personal Gallery


Secret code

Set up a secret code for the Loyalty, the vendor will introduce the secret code to provide the customer with a stamp


Stamp count

Set a number of stamps frames you want to display on the page


Stamp image

Upload an image that will be displayed once the client get a stamp


Stamp place image

Set an image of the frame where the stamp should be placed


Can be used again

Check the box if the program can be used several times. If this checkbox is unmarked, then the user will be able to use the program only once.


Loyalty description

Provide a short description about you Loyalty Program


Email message

You will receive e-mails with the default message set in the frame. This is a great way to track the page’s usability.

How does it work

The user clicks on “Get Stamp” button from device, then he hands the device to the vendor who will stamp the secret code of the Loyalty Program.