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Native Quiz PageType Tutorial

Qr Code Scanner PageType Tutorial
November 4, 2016
Rate and Review PageType Tutorial
November 4, 2016
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Native Quiz PageType Tutorial

Native Quiz page type allows users to create quizzes and configure design for each specific quiz separately.

In addition of HTML based Quiz pages, the native Quiz supports High Scores which are stored locally on user’s device, they are backed up together with the application and they are persistent when updating the app. Also, now you can choose the Correct Answer value using the Points per Question feature.

How to edit:
1. In order to add a new native Quiz page to your app access its Dashboard. Go to Edit Pages menu then click the “+” (Add New Page) button.
From the list of the page types available select the Quiz one and click the “NEXT” button.
In the next step you’ll need to add a name for this page and click the “Create ” button. Once the page is added, you are able to proceed with editing it.


2. General Settings
                     2.1 Quiz Title – Add here your Quiz Title.
                     2.2 Randomization – Enable/Disable shuffle of your quiz questions
                     2.3 Background image – Choose here your Quiz Background image from App Resources
                     2.4 Global buttons bg image- Choose here your Quiz Button image from App Resources
In AprendeApps Previewer application:  


3. Quiz Questions (Elements)


                     3.1 Click on “+” button for adding a new Quiz Question or “-” button for deleting it.
                     3.2 Change Questions order in your Quiz page if Randomization option (2.2) is disabled.


4. Edit Quiz Question Info


                     4.Description – Add here your Question.
                     4.2 Image (40×40 PNG) – Choose here your Question image from App Resources
                     4.3 Points –  Choose the correct answer value
                     4.4 Feedback message – Add here a Feedback message for your Question
                     4.5 Feedback Image – Choose here your Feedback message board image from App Resources
                     4.6 Choice Button Bg Image – Choose here a button image from App Resources for your Quiz Question.
In AprendeApps Previewer application:                    


5. Add Answer Choices 


                     5.1 Add here a Question Choice answer text (between 1 and 10 characters)
                     5.2 Delete a Question Choice answer
                     5.3 Check “ ” the correct Question Choice answer
                     5.4 Add a Question Choice answer
In AprendeApps Previewer application: