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Slideshow PageType Tutorial

Slide PageType Tutorial
November 4, 2016
Slot Machine PageType Tutorial
November 4, 2016
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Slideshow PageType Tutorial

“Slideshow” is a native page type that allows you to view a set of images on your app. It is quite easy to use and it should bring some fresh look to your app.
In order to add the “Slideshow” page follow the step-by-step instruction below:

1) Go to your App’s Dashboard

2) Add a new page to your app by clicking the “+” button.

3) Find “Slideshow” page type from the Marketplace and click “Use this page type” to add it to your application.


Since the page is added to your app, you may go ahead and upload the images to it. Click “Edit” button next to the newly added page.


Once you access the Slideshow page editor you will notice that by default there are no items mentioned, thus, you need to click “+” button to add an item to the list.

You may add pictures from the Resource Manager or you may insert the URL of the image.

If you choose to add images from Resource Manager you will have to select the file from the list and click “Choose” button to confirm your choice.


As soon as you finish adding the images to your app’s Slideshow page, make sure to save the changes.


Below you may see how the slideshow page looks on a device after the app is built.