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Vertical Slider PageType Tutorial

Touch Design PageType Tutorial
November 4, 2016
Voice Record List PageType Tutorial
November 4, 2016
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Vertical Slider PageType Tutorial

AprendeApps comes with the updated feature for iOS and Android platforms – “Vertical Slider”


1. Find the Page in the Marketplace and add it to your app:




2. Edit the page
You may note that there are 3 sections for Slide Menu Editor: Menu Items, Slider, Slide Menu Items. For Vertical Slider only Slider section is available to edit the page content. 
Moreover, there are 3 basic elements to know about this page type.
1.  – To add a new image item or to duplicate the existing one click on this button
2.  –  “x” button will delete the image item you select
3.  – To add an image for a specific item press on “Add Image”
When you click on the Add Image button you are redirected to the In-App Resources where you may upload from your PC, find from “Resource Search on Google” or “Resource Gallery” images you need.