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VP Notation PageType Tutorial

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November 4, 2016
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November 4, 2016
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VP Notation PageType Tutorial

In order to add a VP Notation page type you need to access your Application’s Dashboard and go to “Edit pages” section. Click on Add New Page button, the “+” button below the list of the currently available pages.

After you complete these steps a new VP Notation page will appear in your application dashboard.


On the right side of the page there are 3 fields. The 1st one is for creating Layers. The 2nd one is for adding images to each layer. Note that if you want your layer to be more realistic you will have to add as many images as possible. In my example I will create 4 layers which will show the human legs from medical point of view. Each layer will have 5 images. The images should be of the same size.


How does it looks on iPad:







Add Text Labelt55


Refresh (clear drawing, clear label boxes)t57

You can rotate the layer it by touching the screen, draw, add label boxes, change pen color and size.


Another feature is possibility to add notes.  Rotate the device to landscape mode.


VP Notation page allow you to paint, add text labels and notes and save them or send via email.

NOTE: this pagetype only work on iOS devices.