6 PSVR2 Games We Really Want To Play

Considering PlayStation VR 2 (PSVR2) will launch on February 22, it’s surprising that Sony isn’t giving it the attention it deserves. The specs almost match those of high-end headsets, and its performance and resolution are higher than its predecessor. In addition to its superior hardware, the headset’s haptic features could enhance the VR experience. With such promising hardware, I’m expecting some high-quality, hardware-selling titles. The majority of these games, however, are not marketed on the same level as PlayStation 5 games. To shed some light on the game library, I listed six games I’m looking forward to playing on PSVR2. 

6. Crossfire Sierra Squad

Even though 2022’s Crossfire X didn’t get the most favorable reviews, I’m still excited to try the FPS antics in virtual reality. Sierra Squad is a high-action arcade-style shooter, styled around fighting waves of enemies. You can catch a grenade and throw it back at the oncoming soldiers. Experiencing that alone in VR, the feeling of holding a bomb in your palms, is enough to intrigue me. It looks like a complete game with 39 different weapons, 60 missions, and a three-player cooperative mode. My only reservation is that fast-paced first-person shooting doesn’t always work well in VR. I hope the game can be fun without being too nauseating or difficult to control.

Crossfire Sierra Squad is scheduled to release sometime in 2023 for PSVR2

5. The Walking Dead: Saints & Sinners Chapter 2: Retribution

The Walking Dead: Saints & Sinners was one of the finest games for virtual reality, garnering a very positive on Steam and 79 on Metacritic. It brought a full-scale RPG with multiple narrative paths to VR and set a standard of quality that few other VR games have reached. Unfortunately, I never got to play it, so I’m thankful it’s coming to PSVR2 better than ever. Furthermore, the sequel, Retribution, is also coming to the hardware. Retribution was not as well received as its predecessor because of frame drops, bugs, and crashes. However, I’m hoping it will run smoothly for the PSVR 2. At the very least, there is nothing better than mowing down zombies (walkers) in virtual reality and Saints & Sinners has that in spades.

The Walking Dead: Saints & Sinners is scheduled to release early 2023 for Steam and PSVR2. It is already available for the Meta Quest 2.

4. Mixture

Mixture’s “self-cooperative” component is its most intriguing feature. In Mixture, you control a tiny knight named Sola, and an alchemist who helps the knight with platforming and combat using magic. The kicker is that the knight plays like a third-person hack n slash game while the alchemist plays like a first-person spell-casting game where you physically use your hands to cast spells. The combination of perspectives and the idea of playing two players at once seems like a fun virtual reality experiment that I can’t wait to test out. Additionally, it is developed by the team behind Moss, one of the best VR platformers.

Mixture is expected for the Meta Quest 2 and PSVR2.

3. Resident Evil Village VR


Resident Evil 7: Biohazard was one of the most exciting VR horror experiences and ever since Village came out, fans have been wondering when it would get the VR treatment. Luckily, it’s been confirmed that PSVR2 will be home for Village VR, which means you can enjoy the authentic experience of being picked up by Lady Dimitrescu. There is not much else to say about this title. Gaming Instincts gave it an 8, and it’s widely considered to be one of the better games of 2021, which will be even better and scarier when it enters virtual reality.

Resident Evil Village VR is launching alongside the PSVR2 on February 22.

2. Low-Fi

You may not know about Low-Fi but it looks like a promising sandbox experience. You play as a police officer in a sci-fi cyberpunk-inspired virtual reality simulation. Unlike a traditional game, Low-Fi acts like a Holodeck. In other words, you’re free to simply live in this world and do what you want. You can hand out tickets to speeders, play games in the arcade, or chase after crime sweeping the city. As it says on the game’s website, “we set the stage, but the story is in your hands.” It seems like the perfect escape from reality where you can live in a virtual world and do anything you please. I wonder if the game will live up to its ambition, but, if it does, it may be one of the most immersive VR experiences.

Low-Fi is expected for PSVR2 at an unspecified date, but you can get early access on PC.

1. Horizon Call of the Mountain

In terms of triple-A quality, spectacle, and visuals, Horizon Call of the Mountain is, by far, the most impressive game for PSVR2. It’s the only game Sony is championing and it seems to be the one game that shows what the hardware is capable of. From the trailers, it looks like an all-encompassing game that’s not handicapped by VR technology. You will be climbing, exploring, and fighting robot dinosaurs with a bow. It will be interesting to see how Horizon combat will translate, but I’m almost certain that seeing a tall neck in VR will be unlike anything else.

Horizon Call of the Mountain is launching alongside the PSVR2 on February 22.

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