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It is hard to imagine a person today who would be new to games. Everyone has played something in a while. Some games help people even to earn in their life. So if you are willing to try you can get the Betamo bonus for beginners. We are going to talk here about different latest gaming news. Some might be sad, some not! Play fair and have fun!

VR Mode For Half-Life 2: Episode Two

The SourceVR Mod Team continues to bring the Half-Life universe into virtual reality. Previously, they released a VR mod for the original Half-Life 2, and now they have taken over the episodes. The VR version of Episode One should already be available on Steam at the time of publication, while Episode Two will have to wait until April. The VR versions of Half-Life 2: Episode One and Episode Two should work on any headset that supports SteamVR. As for the original Half-Life 2, the VR mod for it can be downloaded from Steam.

Disney Speed Storm

Gameloft has released a new trailer for Disney Speedstorm, a kart racing game featuring characters and scenery from various Disney franchises. In the video, Mickey Mouse, Mulan, Goofy, Donald Duck, Jack Sparrow, Sally, and other famous heroes compete and do tricks. The video can be found on the main website. It all looks pretty fun, and the creators of the Asphalt series are developing. Players are waiting for arcade gameplay with a lot of acceleration, drifting, and track changes. Players will be able to choose heroes, use their unique skills to complete tracks and chase through famous locations: from Monsters, Inc. to the beaches of the Caribbean. Disney Speedstorm releases on April 18 on PC and all current consoles.

The Death Of The Actor In The Wire and Horizon: Zero Dawn

TMZ has reported that Lance Reddick has passed away. The body of the 60-year-old actor was found at his home in Los Angeles. The official cause of death was not disclosed, but law enforcement sources told reporters that it was natural. On Wednesday, Lance Reddick posted a short video recorded at his home. Visually, the actor in it looked quite healthy and cheerful. Also next week he was scheduled to take part in the show Kelly Clarkson. Lance Reddick is best known for his roles in The Wire, the John Wick film series, Fringe, Lost, and Oldboy. The actor is probably familiar to many gamers, as he gave his appearance to Silens in the games of the Horizon series, Martin Hatch in Quantum Break, Charon in Payday 2, and voiced Commander Zavala in the Destiny dilogy.
Also in January, it became known that Reddick was supposed to play the role of Zeus in the series “Percy Jackson” from Disney.

Xbox 360 Controller Replica

Hyperkin, which introduced a replica of the original Xbox 360 controller for modern consoles and PCs called the Xenon last November, said the device will go on sale June 6 for $49.99.
The Xenon Gamepad is compatible with PC, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X|S. The device will be available in black, white, pink, and red colors. The controller will be pre-ordered on May 5 on the Hyperkin official website. The device does not change much externally. Only the central buttons will be redone, adding a third one for screenshots and recording clips. Of the functional changes – the appearance of a headphone jack and a connection via a USB-C cable. Previously, Hyperkin released a replica of the Duke controller from the original Xbox.

Homicidal All-Stars
Artificer has announced that turn-based combat action Homicidal All-Stars will be released on PC (Steam and GOG) on May 2nd. The game will be renamed to Showgunners. The developers did not explain the name change.

The plot of Showgunners tells about the deadly show “Star Massacre”, which became popular at the end of the 21st century. The organizers of the bloody spectacle from the Omega Corporation go to great lengths to keep the ratings high, while bounty hunter Scarlett Martillo dreams of destroying the current order of things and settling old scores.
In Showgunners, players will have to assemble a team of gladiators and overcome an obstacle course, where dangerous traps and opponents await at every turn. At the same time, you need to fight beautifully, because the love of the audience and the location of the sponsors will depend on this.
A demo is available on Steam.

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